Best of Ithaca 2010: What does '15 Square Miles Surrounded By Reality' mean?
Illustration by Jim Houghton.

Actually it's "10" simply means Ithaca is different

exactly what it says, dummy


Ithaca is an alternate reality!

Ithaca is MARS

It means that Ithaca is the best place in the world

patchouli scented, Birkenstock-clad liberals waving anti-war signs surrounded by flannel and camo clad, gun-toting conservatives

That Ithaca is unlike no other place

It's the best place to live in the country-who needs reality anyway?

That Ithaca is full of exeptionalistï

What it does in any other college town

Residents of Ithaca are stuck in their own little world and are clueless about reality. No common sense

Ithaca is out of this world

that living in Ithaca is a dream

You don't know how good you have it until you leave Ithaca

Many of us are clueless as to what is happening in the rest of the world

"Reality" is a typo: it should be "Realty", and "15 Square Miles Surrounded by Realty" means that Ithaca, unlike the rest of New York, is not for sale

Ithaca offers an escape to how life should globally


Ithacans think you should do as they say, but not as they do - and we should thank them for their enlightenment!

I thought it was "10"! It means Ithaca is really magical.


It means we are unique I have traveled to many different places but I'm always excited to come home to Ithaca

Really means 10 Miles

someone has too low of an opinion of the area

Alas that bigotry is part of reality

I-Town Baby!

a perspective that it's awesome here but no everywhere else but there are pleany of reality in Ithaca it just depends on who is asking

Ithaca is reincarnation of OZ

Hippies surrounded by hillbillies

were the luckiest people on earth to live here!

we live in the Ithaca bubble of Happiness

It is a mentality we're looking to have it be a better place

Nothing as the quote is "10 Square Miles...."

House prices ROSE here?! We live in a bubble

Ithaca is great

Ithaca is different

We live in bubble

We're very very lucky!

What does reality really mean?

We live in a bubble-not quite like "the real world" here....

surrounded by Natures reality: State Park

Ithaca is in La La Land vis-a-vis the world

Ithaca is more creative

We are REALLY lucky to live here

Peace, Love, Hipocrisy

Ithaca is our unique world

Living the dream

Ithaca is a unique place

we're delusional

15 Square miles of Reality

Taking the good and the bad that comes with living here

Whatever it means, it was funny for 15 minutes. But that was a long time ago

It's a T-shirt/bumpersticker displayed by people who resent Ithaca's magical qualities, and insist on remind everyone that the rest of the world (or at least, the rest of central NY) is not as happy a place as Ithaca.

That we are not creative to come up with our own catchphrase and had to steal one from Madison

Living in oblibion, thinking we are very so extra special and better then others, while pretending to actually be very "open-minded" and ultra-liberal in all the (often) wrong ways

That Ithaca is growing. It used to be "10 Square Miles"

Ithaca rocks and reality sucks

Beats me. And I thought it was "10 Square Miles"

We rock

Paradise! (but cold for nine months)

We're living in a bubble

Nothing really

Simply put "There is no other place quite like this on earth!"

It means we pay attention to and try to influence the world in a different way

We're surreal!

That Ithaca is clueless yet pretends to be clued in and enlightened about the real issues

We think we're hot but it's an illusion

Ithaca's in an eternal daze

"Reality. What a concept" Robin Williams


It thought it was 10 square miles....'s "10 square miles surrounded by reality"

That Ithaca is the source of a lot of good, original, progressive ideas, though some are impractical

We have somehow been spared the irrationality of the Plainistas

It's "10 Square Miles", but one comes to expect that from Ithaca Times

It means people are seriously polarized into opposing views around here, and need to "listen" to each other more and recognize that at bottom we all need the same thing: to feed, clothe, protect, and shelter ourselves and our family

Isnt it 10 square miles? Or did Ithaca grow? It means that the surrounding towns are really different from downtown. Very rural, slightly more closed minded

It means that this are is one of the most stunning, beautiful locales to live in

Since when did it grow to 15? Inflation?

It's slightly less insane here

It's ten square miles, and it means we're at the cutting edge politically and socially and the area around Ithaca is not

The world may never know

Combat boots with long dresses and a 60's mind set

We're all in this together!

Ithaca is Gorges!

Upstate NY is struggling economically but you would never know Ithaca

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