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Jon Lucente

jonpluc commented on The future of 5G in Ithaca

im confused, my iphone already says 5g on verizon at the Triphammer Mall.

The whole place is a dangerous unregulated firetrap and should be torn down. You know what the police investigation should reveal? The whole place is suspicious.

Still yet to see what happens with positive tests. Do they just send the kid home? Quarentine classmates for two weeks, close the classroom? Close the school? Does it matter if the positive is the lunchlady vs an after school janitor?

Its not even mortgage and bill forgiveness. Who pays the plumber? The hallway cleaner? The landscaper? The sales staff?

If ithaca gets permission to cancel rent it still wont. Heres why. Whenever you try to be the "first" in doing something it establishes a precedence. There are no shortage of property owner millionares and billionares that have no interest in a City setting a legal precedent of screwing t…

The dredging is needed to protect hundreds of homes from flooding, not 6 tents of homeless people.

umm i think they better work on the name, there is already a Village Solars on Warren Road

Why isnt the business mentioned? Ive never read story in my life about a burglary where the name of the business burgalrized wasnt mentioned in the article.

In Candor? How is this business possibly going to survive? Maybe in Ithaca this could work, but everyone in Candor has a shovel and a yard and not so much a spare $300.

Varna has to get over itself and realize that they are a thoroughfare to an ivy league college and we need bridges that accommodate this purpose.