John Butler

So what about the call the Sgt. was going on? Was someone injured, dud his delay result in a death? Seems these "protestors" should be held accountable for obstructing any first responder.

This IS NOT PROTESTING. This is violence and must be stopped. The mayor should be held respons…

From what I read the Chief is asking the the rallies and counter protests remain peaceful yet at the same time informs everyone that should it turn violent they will not interfere. At what point will the Mayor put a stop to the violence at these protests and rallies? Maybe a few lawsuits …

How many people were hospitalized? Seems less people are getting sick enough to go to the hospital.

Does anyone know how the Haudenosaunee acquired that land?

Well that should stop crime. Well done Mr. Mayor

1500 cash bail. Interesting. The more violent they ate the less bail they need. Thank you Andy.

Left wing socialist students are immune to the Covid-19 virus. This has been verified by the main stream media with stories of the protests, funerals, gatherings, riots, looting and arsons without any contamination to other parties involved. No need for on line classes. has turned into the vigilante hanging mob of the 19th/20th century. In our "new world", the assumption of guilt over powers ones right to be assumed innocent until proven guilty. Those accused dont even get a chance to speak. We have lost so much in such a short time.


Rent forgiveness is great, but what about mortgage and bill forgiveness for the landlords? Some one is going to be paying. Forgiving 1 while increasing anothers cost just isnt right.

I'm just glad the Ithaca Police are being taken to task for their brutality and murders they have committed. Good job BLM