John Butler

JEButler commented on Vax Facts

Interesting, yet in itself is incomplete of truth. No matter how you say it, the covud vaccine us still an experimental vaccine. The biggest problem isn't the vaccine, it's the governments and left wing insistence that we take it with no question while disregarding all other vaccines that…

JEButler commented on What's in a name?

What's in a name? It use to be a rowdy town called Sodom.......... now it is becoming a rowdy town again ...... maybe it needs to be renamed again

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Idiicy is strong in this one ..... wait ...

JEButler commented on Violence in Ithaca

No one's fault. If we ever get back to making people responsible for their decisions and actions a lot will change for the better.

JEButler commented on Happiness is a Warm Gun

This is the real gun problem.

JEButler commented on Ithaca is Tenants!

I do believe 99% of renters who pay the landlord what they owe wont be evicted. Problem solved.

How come No one cares if the landlord get foreclosed on his mortage?

Good questions. Too bad no one can answer it

Now to get the firearms painted in a "Hello Kitty" scheme and we can break out the cocoa and puppies.

Now to create race specific laws so the minorities aren't overwhelmed by oppressive laws created by white privileged legislators.

Cant wait for them to tell the widow they are sorry he had to die