ITHACA, NY -- I like this guy's attitude.

Wilmer Abreu is relatively new to Ithaca (18 months), and as the father of three kids, it pained him to see his children move to a new city in the middle of a pandemic and become so isolated. Some are inclined to complain about a less than desirable situation, others are inclined to do something about it.

On Oct. 16, SelectionT (one of the branches of Abreu's “umbrella”) will be hosting a 3-Point shooting competition at GIAC. “We have 11 or 12 people signed up so far,” Wilmer told me with palpable enthusiasm, “and we hope to get a lot more.”

Competitors will be split into age groups (12-14, 15-17 and 18+), but there are no gender separations. “It's all shooting, so it's completely different from an actual game,” Abreu stated. “When it comes to shooting, whether a person is male or female doesn't really make any difference. It's fast-paced — one shooter out, the next one in. It's very entertaining to watch.”

A year-and-a-half ago, Wilmer was living in NYC with his wife and three children, working on some web development projects with some big companies (like Marriott and Macy's) and when the opportunity arose for his wife to move back to her hometown of Ithaca, the family made the move. “I can do my web development from anywhere, Abreu said, “and we had purchased a home we planned on flipping, but a year-and-a-half later, we're still here.”

In Wilmer's words, “Given the pandemic was happening, my children didn't really have an opportunity to make friends, so I have been looking for proactive and positive ways for them to gather. That's what this 3-Point contest is — another opportunity to bring a bunch of kids together to make friends and create nice memories.”

As a seasoned collaborator (who also plans to expand opportunities for competitive gaming and music production under his umbrella), Abreu was very pleased to plug into a well-established community agency like GIAC. He said, “I reached out to County Legislator Leslyn McBean, and she put me in touch with Robert Mack (Rahmel) at GIAC. He is like a gatekeeper for the agency, and they have been very supportive and I am happy to have them lead the way. They are a great community resource.”

The 3-Point contest starts at 2 p.m. on Oct. 16, spectators are more than welcome and there will be food vendors at the event. There will also be prize money. For more information, contact Wilmer Abreu at


Congratulations to Kyle Dake on winning his third World Championship. He won twice previously at the non-Olympic weight of 79-kilograms, and this year’s tournament — held in Oslo, Norway — was Dake's first competition at 74K (the same weight at which he won a Bronze medal in Tokyo earlier this year).

As he often does, Dake outscored his opponents by a large margin (32-4) over the course of the tournament, He reached the final after defeating Vasile Diacon (11-0), Fazli Eryilmaz (5-0) and Azamat Nurykau (9-1).

In winning his third World title, Dake improved his senior level record to 110-18 overall and 56-2 over the last four years of competition.


Congrats also to the Ithaca College Bombers, who moved to 4-0 with a hard-fought 29-21 victory over Hobart in a Top 25 matchup. I have to say, I love how Dan Swanstrom is building this program to see long-term success. He is winning the big games (3-0 in Cortaca Jug match-ups) creating the big opportunities (the Bombers played the Jug game at Citifield in 2019 and will play in Yankee Stadium in 2022) and making Ithaca College an increasingly inviting place for high-quality football players.

In running their all-time record against Hobart on their home field to 17-0, the Bombers provided plenty of drama. The hosts put up the first 14 points, but Hobart breathed some life into their hopes with a touchdown as the first half wound down. The Statesmen carried that momentum into the third quarter, scoring 14 straight to take a 21-14 lead, but the Bombers tied it up later in the third and scored the winning TD in the fourth.

Quarterback A.J. Wingfield put up some very efficient numbers for the Bombers, completing 17-of-21 pass attempts for 221 yards and a touchdown. He also had an impressive 27-yard run to open the scoring.

The Bombers travel to Rochester on Saturday for a 12 p.m. kickoff.

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