Watching the rally

The Groton softball team watches during a game against Dryden at Groton Elementary School in April. 

"Are you ready for me to tell you about the craziest game I've ever seen?" Groton softball head coach Ed Dow asked upon a "hello" from the other end of the phone line. 

"It was wild." 

Groton defeated visiting Lansing, 17-10, on senior night Tuesday at the Groton Elementary School field. 

All 17 runs came in the bottom of the sixth inning with the Indians trailing 10-0. 

"It was amazing," said Dow, who has been a modified and varsity coach at Groton for more than two decades. "I've never been in a game like this. It was wacky."

The entire Groton lineup had at least one hit in the sixth inning, with some earning two. Dow said out of the entire late-inning series there was one walk, which started the inning, and a fielder's choice. 

"We went into the sixth inning and said we're not going to go down easy. We're going to fight," he said.

Fight the team did, and an indescribable feeling on the bench likely left jaws gaping around the ballpark. 

Four singles followed the walk to bring in three runs. Back-to-back singles were two RBIs each as the runs and hits kept coming. 

"It snowballed," he said. 

The lineup for the game was as it has been the last few weeks: Katelyn Norman, Maggie Ossit, Courtney Parr, Paige Graham, Macy Corcoran, J.J. Harriott, Kara Conklin, Gabby Russell and Brenna Batzer. 

"I can't explain how crazy this game was," Dow added later, emphasizing multiple times how there were few words for what he'd just seen. 

Groton (11-5) celebrated its seniors -- Norman (catcher), Graham (third base), Corcoran (first base), Russell (outfield) and Batzer (outfield) -- on the last night of the regular season. 

"They came through [and] the rest of the team came through," Dow said. 

Harriott started the game for Groton and came back to throw the top of the seventh. Parr tossed the fifth and sixth innings. Norman was at catcher the entire game. 

Kassie Riemer pitched the game for Lansing with Amanda Green behind the plate. Riemer had three hits, including a home run. Lena Gisler had four hits and Taylor Todi had three hits. 

Lansing scored runs in each of the first three innings to go up, 3-0. The Bobcats added two in the fifth and what seemed at the time to be a large five in the sixth to take a 10-0 lead with two possible home innings remaining. 

"It was a nice way to end [the regular season]," Dow said. "I just can't explain it." 

The Section IV playoff meeting for seeding will take place Friday. Groton will play Dryden in a scrimmage Tuesday, May 16. 

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