Outdoor pool with the ski slopes the background

The last thing you need when it’s 10 degrees outside with snow on the ground is a bathing suit. Right? Wrong. Thanks to Greek Peak’s Hope Lodge—home of the 41,000-square-foot Cascades Indoor Waterpark—there is good reason to keep a bathing suit at the ready all year long in the Finger Lakes region. 

Cascades Indoor Waterpark has a modern wave pool, a three-story tube water slide, multiple body slides, an activity pool, a wading pool, multi-level activity structure complete with a 500-gallon deluge bucket, indoor and outdoor hot tubs, and an outdoor pool that’s opened all year long to help any of its visitors forget about the blustery cold temperatures outside.

Cascades Indoor Waterpark manager Michael Souers explained the kind of impact the addition of the water park has had on Greek Peak as a whole.

“We opened [the water park] a little more than four years ago,” he said. “Greek Peak itself has been around for way longer than that. We’ve done pretty well for ourselves. The water park addition has been a great one for Greek Peak, and we’re excited to keep offering this experience to those that come pay us a visit. We’re open seven days a week. Sunday through Thursday is from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Friday and Saturday is 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., so it’s not hard to find a time that will work for you and your family, if you have one.”

When asked when Greek Peak decided to add a water park, Souers said it was his understanding that the idea gained traction because there were no competitors in the area.

“If you look into the [ski] industry,” he said, “a lot of people have been diversifying into other areas. And if you look at the Finger Lakes region in general, from my understanding, an indoor water park was different a need. There’s not really anything like this in this area. This really makes us an all-season resort. And it’s definitely a great thing to have available during the winter. It’s fun to be able to put on a bathing suit, and then looking out the window, and seeing snow, and people skiing.”

When you walk into Cascades Indoor Waterpark, the first thing you will see if an arcade room. If you’re not ready to get your toes wet as soon as you get there, you have the option of playing some video games, and maybe even winning some prizes. Once you move past the arcade, the real fun starts. Led by warm air, tropical colors and the sound of a wave pool that sits in the middle – you really do forget you just parked your car in a parking lot covered in snow.

“We have an indoor wave pool,” Souers said, “an indoor-outdoor hot tub from which you can see our ski slopes from which is kind of neat. We have a year-round outdoor pool, which is heated to 84 degrees. Currently, the indoor-air is heated at 85 degrees. We have two slides that are geared towards kids that are 18-and-under that are housed inside. We also have two slides that go outside the building and loop back in. We also have our waterfall, which dumps a huge bucket of water right on top of you. We also have a little kid area, which has a little pool and little slides.”

Souers stressed that Cascades’ variety of features, not to mention the fact that it falls under the larger Greek Peak umbrella, makes it a fun water park experience.

“Probably the fact that you can have four seasons of fun here,” he said, “is what makes our park unique as a water park. When you tie in the fact that this is a water park at a ski resort, with an adventure center across the street, a lake right behind us, you can have fun here no matter what time of year it is. That’s probably the attribute we’re most proud of, and something we’re excited to move into the future with. I think our outdoor hot tub is our number one fan favorite. The contrast of being able to relax and sit outside in freezing conditions and also be able to see people skiing, that’s a lot of fun.”

If you’re thinking that going to a water park in the middle of winter is an odd idea, it’s quite the contrary.

“Winter and summer are probably our busiest seasons,” Souers said, “but we do have local residents that are constantly coming in as well, so it’s a steady stream of clientele. But I would say, in general, our attendance goes up here at the water park the colder it gets outside.

“If you’re thinking about making a visit,” he continued, “definitely give us a call, see what’s going on here, check out our website – any special events we do are always posted on there. Passes cost $36.95 for an all-day pass if you’re over 42 inches in height, 32.95 if you’re shorter than 42 inches. A spectator pass is $15 if you don’t plan on getting in the water.”

If you’re thinking about planning a Cascades Indoor Waterpark trip, call 866-764-7017, or visit cascadesindoorwaterpark.com §


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