Apps for Ithaca

The Tompkins Consolidated Area Transit (TCAT) mobile app helps you get from here to there. 

Whether you’re looking for food, art, history, public transit, music, or local attractions, Ithaca is a great place to be. It’s also a great place to be with a smartphone because there are Ithaca-centric smartphone apps to help you get all of those things and more. Here’s a rundown of a sampling of some of the Ithaca phone apps out there:

Ride 14850

Developed by an Ithaca College professor, Ride 14850 is great if you’re a regular bus rider. This free iPhone application has all the TCAT bus routes and schedules and allows you to plan your trip on the fly. Essentially, it’s a more user-friendly version of TCAT’s online trip planner—and one that you can use whether or not you have web access. 

Herbert F. Johnson Art Guide

The art museum’s app packs an insane amount of information into a free app. The app is intended to help visitors tour the visible storage gallery, which was created in 2011 as a dense installation of over 1,100 objects in the museum’s collection that were formerly in closed storage. Because there are so many objects in such a small space, instead of a detailed label each object has a number that visitors can look up on the museum’s computer or on their own iPhone or iPad. For each object, the app offers a picture and a detailed description—so detailed, in fact, that you might not feel like you need to go to the museum at all once you download the app.

Ithaca To Go

Ithaca To Go is an online restaurant delivery service that brings food from all sorts of Ithaca eateries—Moosewood, Waffle Frolic, Rulloff’s, and more—right to your door. You can order online or by phone, but with the free Ithaca To Go app you can also order from your iPhone or iPad.  

THC 14850

Despite its name, this app does not actually tell you where to get weed in Ithaca. Although it definitely sounds like it’s related to marijuana, THC 14850 is actually The History Center’s smartphone app, available for both Android and iPhone. It’s a pretty simple app, with three sections: contact information for The History Center, descriptions of current exhibits, and old photos of Ithaca and Tompkins County. It’s certainly no substitute for visiting The History Center itself, but the app provides some helpful background information in a more mobile friendly format than the center’s website. Unlike actual weed, THC 14850 is free. 

Finger Lakes At-Hand

Unlike the other apps on this list, At-Hand is not free. It’s $3.99, which is admittedly still cheaper than an equivalent print guidebook would be. At-Hand Apps, a company started in 2009 by a group of retirement-age techies, has developed a series of apps that catalogue activities, destinations, and routes—and one of those apps happens to be designed for the Finger Lakes. You search activities by proximity to a location that you specify and the app returns a wide array of activities and points of interest. So if you are searching for activities from downtown Ithaca, the app will return suggestions such as touring the 21 Boxes, following the Sagan Planet Walk, heading to Moosewood, or tracking down Ithaca’s various street murals. You can follow a suggested route or pick various destinations and build an itinerary. The app works for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch but is optimized for iPhone 5 and requires iOS 5.0 or later. 


The Cornell college radio station has a free app for both Android and iPhone. You can listen to the station live, of course, but you can also get a list of recently played songs, set an alarm to wake up to the radio, read the station’s music blog, peruse a schedule of upcoming local concerts, email the station, and more. Not bad for a free app. 

Ithaca Times

Clearly the best app of the bunch—not that we’re biased or anything—the Ithaca Times app offers our content optimized for mobile. The app includes both our web-only and our print content, all for free. If you can’t find the app in the app store, go to the Ithaca Times website on your iPhone or iPad and you’ll automatically be prompted to download the app. §


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