History is prose Memory is poetry.
Their meeting is an unbroken transmission
expressing the pure, benevolent selflessness
lying at the root of all that is good and worth preserving
as long as human time shall last on this earth.

History is story Memory is song.
Their meeting is a universal celebration
the dance of countless generations
bequeathing their folly and their wisdom
to any who can read the signs
and trace their glorious echoes to a beginning that began before time.

When History is merely discursive, rational, organized
and Memory the faulty embellishment of a fiction that was always a lie,
their meeting is a loss of intrinsic awareness
which gives birth to ideology - which begets certainty - which begets rigidity
which begets stagnation - which begets the muddling of clarity - which begets bewilderment
which begets the habit of making poor choices - which begets misery and a diminished life.

When History is fabricated and Memory manufactured
their meeting brings doom to those infected by the unreality of poisoned motives
and great harm multiplies, brother against brother, nation against nation,
man himself against the natural order of things despoiling the vessel
that once safely carried him beyond time and across the stars.

History records Memory reimagines.
Their meeting draws a picture of the world
and imprints the patterns of collective narrative
on moldable minds in need of reinforced certainty
by framing what was and is through an imperfect lens subject to error.
History accumulates Memory disperses.
Their meeting creates an inexhaustible storehouse of reasonable rationales
for unreasonable and erroneous misperceptions of everyday reality
that proliferate misery and suffering and excuse inexcusable behavior as the human norm.

History remembers Memory resurrects.
Their meeting is the co-emergent moment when even birth and death are undivided
and a life astray awakens from dream to the true nature of its glory
and begins to weave the light of new possibilities into the very fabric of what is true and real.

History instructs Memory inspires.
Their meeting is the will-less activity of benevolence
Illuminating the way across roiling oceans of bewilderment
to find comfort and ease on the other shore, empty of self.
Calm and clear, inexhaustibly radiating kindness and patience,
the fruit of this union nourishes all who walk the path to the sublime.

Study History with the inquiring curiosity of a true skeptic.
Operate Memory wary of the stories you tell yourself
and with at least some knowledge of the underlying narrative
that is the construct of your everyday identity.
Merging what you learn with what you remember
won’t tell you a thing about who you really & truly are
but it may create a receptive openness to natural self-abandonment
that enables the way to unfold before you.


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