Now it is Yule - time for gifts and good cheer.

We don’t want more gas!  Please, no pipeline here!


‘Twould be a mean gift, worse than no gift at all:

Our pledge to cut carbon this pipeline would stall.


CO2’s very bad, but methane’s far worse

In heating the air and harming the earth.


So don’t take our land by eminent domain

To put in a pipe full of globe-warming methane.


New gas is not smart!  We’ll pay with regrets

For the 17 million that become stranded assets.


If this pipeline goes forward at NYSEG’s insistence,

Be aware that your efforts will be met with resistance.


NYSEG! Avangrid! Join us in unity.

We want to become an energy smart community!


To protect the earth’s future, we must all do our part;

Pipeline alternatives are a great way to start!


We must save our planet and we don’t have much time,

So grow your heart quickly and nix the pipeline.


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