On Nov. 8, 2018, a small U.S. military van bumped slowly along an old, isolated road along the southern tip of Texas next to Mexico. It stopped. Three men got out, and walked to the border. Immediately, one of them, the President of the United States, started rambling comments.

“This is where my huge wall will end when it is built along our border with Mexico from California to here,” he said. “It’s the wall Mexico will pay for, despite the Mexican President’s stupid denials. Crossing from Mexico is easy here. Evil migrants from all over the world invade our country this way: bastard migrants so uneducated they can’t even speak English.”

The U.S. President walked confidently right to the small stream at the border. Suddenly, a rush of sound came as six men hiding in nearby shrubs broke out, grabbed the President, and carried him away as he screamed foul language. They rushed him through the stream and beyond for several hundred yards to where a large station wagon waited. They all went into it, with three of them physically securing the President in a rear seat. The car roared off to the south.

The drive took hours. The President’s frequent, explosive bursts were recorded along the way. (Years later, when many of these recordings were released they created a level of extreme public dislike for that President, recordings unlike any heard from a president before or since.)

It was dark when the station wagon reached Mexico City and stopped in one of it’s depressed neighborhoods. The President was searched for any materials that might identify him, and all were removed along with any money. He was still screaming as the men placed him on his back on the pavement. Before he could get up the car roared away.

The President got up slowly, and staggered, almost falling, for several steps. Then he looked up and down the street seeing only a few people. Three people came quickly.

“Qué es tu problema?” were the first words he heard, followed by other concerns spoken in Spanish.

He exploded at them: “What the hell is wrong with you guys? Can’t you speak English?”

One woman responded: “Yes, I can speak English, but many people in Mexico only know Spanish, so you will have to use it here.”

“I don’t know Spanish, and I never want to. All the world must use English.”

“Well, pardon me sir, but much more of the world uses Spanish today than English. “Con mucho más gente en nuestro mundo habla español que inglés.”

“Oh s*** on all of you,” the President screamed at her, and all three Mexicans turned, and walked swiftly away. His first encounter with the kind and intelligent woman had gone very badly.

For a few days the President wandered on that impoverished Communities’ streets, with frequent angry encounters. He slept poorly on building steps, as his clothes and skin became dirty and disheveled. Eventually someone called the Police, and they came and arrested him. A local Judge charged him with illegal entry, though they had no way to know his origin. All the while he shouted at the Judge: “I am Donald Trump, President of the United States of America. Get out of my way, all of you are crazy.” It caused people in the courtroom to burst out laughing. He was escorted back to jail.

Two days later some police photographs of him appeared on the web, and when Mexican President Enrique Peño Nieto saw them he realized who he was. Even after having him cleaned up, and talking with him, Nieto remained confused, but he arranged for a military plane to fly him back to Washington, D.C. Repeatedly, Nieto had declared to him that Mexico would not pay for the wall, but that didn’t stop Trump from claiming otherwise on every public occasion.

Back at the White House, Trump wandered all through it shouting: “I’ll show these stupid Mexicans. I’ll make America even greater.”

The next day he saw the large Fourth National Climate Assessment on his desk. After a few minutes flipping through it, he cursed the “stupid scientists,” and tossed it into a waste basket.

More of his staff, and appointees, continued to resign. Calls for impeachment increased, and revelations from Special Counsel Robert Mueller, revealing Russia connections, were coming. His passionate association with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia continued, with no mention of the horrible death and destruction being carried out in neighboring Yemen.

It became increasingly clear that his possibly illegal, family-run, administration was failing. And soon might be removed. We can hope! And then, what lies ahead for America and the world?


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