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For all intents and purposes, this is the Oscar Awards for the Ithaca Times. Each year, the Best of Ithaca Awards ask the community to come together to answer who had the best year in entertainment, food and drink, individually, etc. It’s a chance for the community to highlight their favorite parts of living in Tompkins County, with a little friendly competition mixed in. This year, we have introduced a few new categories that were very popular, like Best Local Rapper, and while we like to shuffle certain topics in and out of the lineup every year, please feel free to reach out to us with your suggestions for what next year’s competition could look like. 

In the meantime, enjoy our Best of Ithaca Award winners. Congratulations to those victorious and those receiving votes. Each award includes an individual blurb and page with more information and reaction from most of the winners, so click on through to see what your favorites had to say about winning. 


Here are our winners for the Best of Ithaca Entertainment section, for when you need a night out or something to do.


Here are our Best of Ithaca People, the folks who make Ithaca what it is.  

Food & Drink

Want a fun bar night? Some food that can fit in your budget? Somewhere to take the kids? Somewhere to get out of town? We've got it all here. 

Franco’s has quickly established themselves as the top pizza option in Ithaca, snagging the …


All the best places to be. 


Everything else you can imagine. 

Created by three local farms, the Stick and Stone Farm, Remembrance Farm and Three Swallows …


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