915 Coddington Road, Ithaca

Built in 1815, this farmhouse overlooking the Six Mile Creek valley is probably one of the older homes in the town. For all that it is remarkably square and well preserved.   

The roofline has the proportions of a Greek Revival, but none of the classical ornamentation. It also has a beautiful spreading front porch, which are rare on a Greek Revival, unless added later, as this one very well might have been.

The home sits up on a low knoll, above the road and well above a dell between the house and the barn. The gambrel-roofed barn has a dry stone foundation that looks remarkably intact, as does the retaining wall that holds up the roadway that leads up to the doors.

When you enter the front door of the farmhouse you find yourself in a hallway that goes directly to the back of the house. The stairs to the second floor are in front of you.

There are two rooms off to the left that would appear to have originally been the farm offices, where business would have been conducted with haulers, salesmen, and neighboring farmers. They are of course still suitable to be used as offices; you walk through one to the other.

To the right is the living room, which faces the south and the west. Across the expanse of this room you can admire the 20th century-style hardwood (oak) floors that have been installed in all the downstairs rooms.

The woodwork in this house is all painted, as was traditional in the 19th century. The trim is very simple and unadorned (this is a farmhouse), but considering it has been there for 200 years, impressively unmarred.

There is a wide entrance that leads you into the dining room. All the windows this room and in the living room are large and low to the floor, letting in abundant light, even on an overcast day.

At the rear of the front hall there is a full bathroom with a tub/shower.

Entering the kitchen is like stepping into the 21st century out of the 19th. The counters are granite, except for a butcher block surface over the over the oven. The gas range is separate and located on an arcuate island that separates the working area from the rest of the large room.

There is a bedroom behind and below the kitchen and a back entrance that leads toward the barn.

The floors on the second floor are yellow pine, painted in two of the rooms and unpainted in the other two. The south rooms could be treated as a master suite; they include a balcony with glass sliding doors.

The other two bedrooms are also large, but only one of them has a closet. The second floor bedroom has a shower stall.

All this and 56 acres of forest and farmland, only 15 minutes from downtown. •


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