Zoning in Caroline has been a hot button issue for months. Which side are you on?

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Richard Ballantyne

Isn't it interesting that this poll showed over 60% opposed to zoning? The much older version that the Times hand selected and published in their print edition showed 74.5% in favor of zoning. We now know which side of this issue the Ithaca Times is on! What more proof do we need that the Ithaca Times is just another purveyor of fake news?

Holly Magee

I’m very disappointed in seeing the article the Ithaca times put out about the results of this survey. They clearly lied when they said pro zoners were ahead of anti zoners. As the admin of the Facebook group Caroline Hates Zoning we were all following this poll very closely and Ithaca times thought we would not notice that they put up inaccurate results. Well we did notice and are now questioning why! Why would you publish such lies? Furthermore, this survey had no real merit anyhow because it was not limited to Caroline resident voters. If you want to know who is against zoning and who is for zoning it’s simple. Look at the petition that was handed in to the town board with 1250++ signatures of Caroline residents and land owners in the town. That might give you an idea! But seriously don’t flaw the results of a survey to satisfy your own agenda. Ridiculous!

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