I’ve been in numerous meetings with Barbara Lifton and Jordan Lesser addressing complex and difficult issues – from industrial soil contamination, to advocating for immigrant rights, to seeking coordinated funding for water resource management. I got a glimpse into the complexities and challenges of Albany’s legislative, funding, and power structures.

Lesser has served as Legal Counsel to Lifton for the last ten years and has worked at the forefront of every major issue in Albany. From budgeting, to the passing of legislation, Lesser knows how to get things done. Lesser has the connections, experience, and expertise necessary to hit the ground running on day one.

Lesser authored legal briefs to uphold Dryden’s zoning laws to prohibit fracking. He drafted and negotiated legislation blocking waste incinerators in the Finger Lakes, served on the Regional Harmful Algae Blooms Roundtable, and drafted legislation on the Aquatic Invasive Species Transport law. He has been deeply involved in preserving the environment and economy of our area.

Above all, Jordan is a conscientious listener. A seemingly simple trait, this essential characteristic is necessary to achieve an effective and successful resolution to a problem. We need someone who can hear through the emotion, rhetoric, and politics – identify the issue and what it takes to address it.

With Jordan Lesser as our Assembly representative, we will have someone who will listen – thoughtfully, and carefully – someone who will seek solutions and, crucially, know how to implement them.

Cynthia Brock,

City of Ithaca

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