Antonia Saxon ends her editorial in the Trumansburg Free Press, June 21, with a plea to “Let the concessions (that the developer asks for) be based on close study and temperate analysis.” A proposal such as the “Hamilton Square” project, while it may appear to answer solutions to “affordable” housing needs of the village, could also create more problems than benefits. Based on recent studies, the greatest identified housing shortage is for “seniors” who want to downsize and stay in the village, and owner-occupied smaller homes that younger people can afford, rather than rental units.

So it is only reasonable that before the Village's appointed and elected officials make up their minds or decide that it is a “done deal”, the long-time residents, who have paid their ever-increasing property taxes, be able to express their concerns and ask relevant questions as to the impacts this project may create. Rental units will not generate property taxes. The 76 plus signers of the letter, published in the Trumansburg Free Press, June 14, are asking for openess in the process and want to make sure that whatever is built meets the needs of its residents and is in the best interest of Trumansburg.


Sarah Adams

4 Falls St. Trumansburg, NY


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For folks that come across this, the article linked above claims that "Rental units will not generate property taxes". This is not correct. For more information on how the rental units will be taxed please see the FAQ that INHS provided at the bottom of