The members of Quaker Concern for Animals in Britain have supported the defenders of the Cayuga Heights deer since the beginning of their campaign and would like residents to know that we endorse their initiating a lawsuit to protect the animals.

We share their wish to defend the values so many hold dear, especially integrity, compassion and non-violence, all of which accord with Quaker testimonies.

Cannot a more enlightened way be found to resolve this conflict? The protection of garden plants should surely not acquire more importance than the lives of gentle, defenceless creatures who, themselves, wish us no harm.



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Gracia Fay Ellwood

Members of Quaker Animal Kinship, a nonprofit based in California, also support those who seek to protect the Cayuga Heights deer from being killed in the name of shielding gardens. Culling, in any case, seldom works; the animals reproduce in greater numbers later. Animal birth control, which has been used in situations such as this, is a far better solution, and should be explored. A nonviolent solution is much better for humans and animals alike.

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