A Poem on Masks

            Dear fellow Ithacans:

My way of writing a protest is often in the form of a poem. I believe strongly that the use of masks must be enforced on The Commons.


                                In the Heart of My Own City


                        a magician tells me Don’t wear a mask:

                    only sick people do it and they breathe back

                    the virus that’s killing all fools. Jagged

                    I pull out my traveling deck, touch

                    The Hanged Man with checkers and wings.

Sun so strong it colors the wind makes

my voice answer again: My face calls

                    all children to know we connect

                    in fear and sorrow, love believing

                    lips’ protection is what

we all need to find tomorrow.

-Katharyn Howd Machan, Tompkins County’s first poet laureate

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