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It was a bad end of the month as the crime wave across New York continues. In July, we tragically lost Rochester police officer Anthony Mazurkiewicz.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams, a Democrat, last week called an attack on a police officer a “clear case” for rolling back NY bail reform after the attacker was arrested for another violent crime days earlier, and released under the new system.

The Southern Tier and Finger Lakes Region have also seen recent criminal activity as police investigated multiple commercial burglaries in Ithaca, Lansing and Dryden.

And in Homer, the Police Department is reminding residents to lock their vehicles after a recent rash of break-ins.

We must repeal the cashless bail system that allows for the release of dangerous criminals and restore judicial discretion in bail determinations, especially for defendants that pose a threat to the public.

State agencies must be transparent about the effects of public safety policies and enact policies that get dangerous criminals off our streets. I support more victim’s services and investing in proven mental health, addiction, and homeless programs.

Every person I talk to, regardless of politics, is concerned about crime and the safety of their family and neighbors.

My experience as Binghamton Mayor, President of the New York Conference of Mayors, and the only candidate directly responsible for overseeing a police department, provides me with the qualifications necessary to be the most effective State Senator for our region.

No matter where we live, we must elect officials who prioritize public safety. Our families and businesses deserve nothing less.

Rich David is the former Mayor of Binghamton. He is the Republican candidate for the 52nd Senate District, which includes Cortland and Tompkins Counties, and parts of Broome County.

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Nevin Sabet-Swingle

The cash bail system was abused in my case. Judge Rowley called for a $25,000 bail just because I am Arab and Muslim. I only sent emails to try to see my child and they put me in jail and took all my money. Why do they let actual violent criminal free is the question I ask.

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