A man feeding ducks at Wegmans. Photo by: Frank Kelly

NFL at Golisano Children’s Hospital

The battlefield is brightly lit

A dozen Giants tower above the Hoard

Besieged by swarms of elfin figures

Dressed in smocks bedecked

With dinosaurs and bears

One small, wounded warrior stands

Just beyond the fray

Bird nest hair and swollen eyed

Silver IV pole in hand

One Giant spies the waif 

And strides in her direction

No place to hide, she shrinks, wide-eyed

Unsure of his intentions

She’s just about to holler … PLEASE!!

When he drops, before her, to his knees

And asks

“May I have your autograph?”

He lays a marker in her hand

Pulls off his shirt and turns his back

With steady hand she writes her name

Then steps back to take a look

The Giant thanks her with a grin

Blows her a kiss, then disappears

Taking with him, all her fears

Leaving her with memories,

Starry-eyed and grinning 

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