In the Sept. 9 'Ups and Downs' available in the printed edition of the Ithaca Times, we incorrectly stated that The Boatyard Grill “has been forced to close”  and "has temporarily closed" while the restaurant is sanitized and employees await test results. This was a statement made in error on our part.

After one of the owners of The Boatyard tested positive, they began working closely with the Tompkins County Health Department to address the issue. The restaurant was never forced, nor was it voluntarily closed. While federal and state guidelines, both, strongly suggest that restaurants and other businesses close for a period of 24 hours or more, at least, after a verified exposure to the COVID-19 virus, it is entirely left to the establishment's discretion whether or not it chooses to close. Employees were allowed to return to work after they received a negative test result.
To clarify, The Boatyard Grill has not contacted us about this issue, but in an effort to be as transparent and factual as possible, we thought it our responsibility to share this information with our readers. 
In a separate statement, Bill Oechslin, who co-owns The Boatyard Grill, said "We have taken the safety of our guests and staff very seriously since the beginning of the pandemic. This community is very important to us and safety is our main priority. We want everyone to feel comfortable with going out to eat at The BoatYard Grill because of the multitude of safety measures we have instituted since March.”
Similarly, the Ithaca Times takes its reporting and the safety and well-being of our community just a seriously. While the entire Ithaca community is being tested every day, we have a continued commitment to helping our community navigate these times as we’ve done before, and as we will continue to do time and time after this. 
We appreciate your continued commitment and support of this publication and, as always, we welcome your feedback, input and suggestions as to how we can better serve you.
-The Ithaca Times

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