Three Singing Eagles
Many local folks will remember long term Ithaca resident, award winning video producer, herbalist, poet, mother and gentle soul, Three Singing Eagles, also known as Ma Prem, who ended her journey on this planet on Aug. 15th. Perhaps best known for her long running, how-to program on cable channel 13 describing how to identify, prepare and use wild edible plants and healing herbs as well as for her involvement in the Community Gardens and in numerous volunteer and arts projects, 3 Singing Eagles was also a frequent contributor to local publications, freely sharing her extensive knowledge of useful but overlooked plants, in addition to helping other local producers create TV show on channel 13. On many occasions she was also the subject of articles written by others about her. After a long term relocation to Maui, Prem returned a Ithaca a few years ago, struggling with health issues that eventually lead to her untimely death at age 56. She is survived by 5 children, her parents, sister, and two former husbands, myself included. FaceBook has been bursting with condolences and prayers from dozens of family members, friends, and colleagues who mourn her passing. She was one of Ithaca's rare rays of sunshine, who tried to keep that light burning throughout her various difficulties, and she deserves our remembrance and prayers on her journey to the Land of Evermore.

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