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An early concept of what a TCR campus could look like.

The community of Trumansburg has a lot to offer, but one thing the Village is still in need of is community recreation resources and a central community space. But a group of locals is on a mission to change with help from their neighbors, and possibly a state assemblywoman.

In late 2016 Trumansburg Community Recreation (TCR) officially launched the Trumansburg Recreation Center initiative. The ultimate goal is to build a recreation center, soccer fields, baseball fields, a youth football field, a skate park, and a pool to the community. The first phase of the project would be building the sports fields and possibly a recreational campus. While the group is still searching for space for these amenities, it is raising funds through grants and donations. The fundraising goal right now is $750,000.

One option TCR is also looking at is state funds. The group has been in contact with Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton to get access to state funds, but the first part of that process is showing community support. Both the Trumansburg Central School District and the Ulysses Town Board have been approached to send letters of general support for the mission of TCR to Assemblywoman Lifton. The letters don’t tie either the Town Board or TCSD to a financial commitment with the group. Before passing it, the Town Board added to their resolution that the “Ulysses Town Board will need to understand the town’s fiscal role before giving any final approval of a grant application for Trumansburg Community Recreation.”

“As a non-profit we’re not eligible for state and federal funding like previous years. New rules have been enacted,” Todd Edmonds, vice president of the group, said. “So now we have to get major funding through schools, villages, towns, that sort of thing.”

The school board also agreed to send a letter of support without any financial obligations, and discussed the potential for fields and a pool being built on the campus that would be open to the public, but there are no official plans yet. In the past TCSD has tried to help recreational sports in the area when they could.

“The school has been incredibly supportive of the community and has really done a lot to have any sporting events. The little t-ball kids right up through varsity, and then even adult pick-up games,” Tara Masters, TCR president, said. “But there just isn’t enough space during the competitive seasons.”

The second phase of the plan would be to build or re-purpose a building for a community center. Phase three is the pool. The funding goal for both phases has yet to be determined. A number of the board members of the group, and the dozens of volunteers they have picked up, came to the project because of the want and need for a pool that they see in the community.

“Access to learning how to swim, physical therapy, lifeguard training for our area parks,” Master’s said of the ways the pool could be used. “So, there’s a lot of need for a pool as well, and a huge desire. I would say unilaterally across every age range and style and type of person, a pool has been a priority.”

Master’s and Edmonds both said the group is very willing to be flexible about where the facilities are placed, but their priority is to keep them accessible to Trumansburg residents.

“I think our goal is to try and get it up and running as quickly as possible to meet the needs of the community,” Edmonds said.

The plan is still in the infancy stages and as it continues the community will be asked for input and participation, but the gears have only just started to turn. More information about the group and the project can be found at tburgcr.org. Residents interested in keeping up to date on the project can sign up for the mailing list on the website.

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