A TCAT bus in Ithaca

It can be stressful coming to a new place and learning your way around. Way2Go, a local transportation education program, in partnership with 211 provides 24/7 easy access to transportation information to help you find your way.  

There are three Ways to get transportation information from Way2Go: Call 211 for support and referrals, go to Way2Go.org for online info and how-to videos, or email info@Way2Go.org for other transportation questions. 

Way2Go encourages you to choose safe, affordable and healthy ways to get around the area. Here are some helpful tips when choosing your best Way2Go!


When walking, stay to pedestrian ways and be mindful of people in cars and on bikes.  Use your smartphone or a key light after dusk to alert drivers of your presence. There are also many walking/hiking trails both in and around Ithaca. For a full listing go to https://ithacatrails.org/


Need a Bike? Affordably adopt and repair a used bike through Recycled Ithaca Bikes (RIBS) or Finger Lakes ReUse Center.  Bike rental and electrical bikes through Boxy Bikes are a great option for getting up the many hills in Ithaca. Try Big Red Bikes if you live on or near Cornell campus or explore the Farmer’s Market,

Anyone under the age of 14 must wear a helmet while biking. Remember to bring a reliable lock to secure your tire and bike to a bike rack. Local bike maps can be helpful to planning your route for a safe commute.

If you prefer to skate, local shops like Homegrown can be a great resource for your needs. Skate safely along with traffic while cautious of people walking on pedestrian ways and cars backing out of driveways. Safety gear includes helmet, elbow and knee protection. Be mindful of your speed. Slow down and avoid descending down steep hills for your safety and the safety of others. If you’re looking for something more recreational, check out Ithaca Skate Park at 401 Wood Street.

Connect with local active transportation advocates at Bike Walk Tompkins and other organizations at the upcoming Streets Alive Ithaca open streets event on Sunday September 17th in the Southside neighborhood.  Learn more about the event or sign up to volunteer at streetsaliveithaca.com


When driving keep your eyes on the road and DON’T TEXT AND DRIVE. It is recommended to minimize the amount you drive to reduce congestion, stress, time and costs associated with gas and parking. There are some great alternative options to driving if you don’t have a car or wish to leave your car behind. Go to ParkIthaca.com for local on-street, metered and garage parking information.  

A wealth of information is available at VisitIthaca.com

How to Find a Ride!  

Tompkins Consolidated Area Transit (TCAT)

The local TCAT bus service is an affordable option to get around campus, to downtown shops and to some of Ithaca’s natural places. You can also take your bike with you! For how to videos on riding the bus and using the bus bicycle rack go to http://ccetompkins.org/community/way2go. Plan your route ahead of time by viewing routes and schedules at tcatbus.com. TCAT now also boasts new mobile apps that allow riders to track their bus through a live and interactive map on your phone that includes information on different stops, delays and overlaid routes as well as expanded trip planning for increased convenience, as well as a customized Ithaca Transit live tracking app. TCAT buses are wheelchair accessible. If you are an individual with a disability, the Gadabout paratransit service is available by calling 607-273-1878. 

LimeBike Bike Rentals

LimeBike is the newest transportation amenity in the area, and explain the omnipresent lime-colored bikes all around the city and beyond. Customers can download a smartphone app, which then allows them to find and access LimeBikes at any time for a fee of $1 per 30 minute block ($0.50 for students). There are somewhere between 200-400 in the city at any time, and can be taken anywhere thanks to the provided retrieval service. They are also self-locking, so there’s no need to find a bike dock. 

Local Cab & Taxi Services

Consider calling Collegetown Cab (607) 588-8888 or Ithaca Dispatch (607) 277-7777 at least a half an hour in advance to ensure you arrive to your destination on-time.

Ithaca Carshare Membership Plans

When in need of a car for short trips sign up to use Ithaca Carshare. Learn more about the Just in Case, It’s My Car and Easy Access plans and more by calling (607) 277-3210

Lyft and Uber Ride-hailing Apps

Finger Lakes Rideshare Ride-Matching Platform

To find a potential ride-match to common destinations sign up to Finger Lakes Rideshare powered by Zimride. There are exclusive portals for Ithaca College, Cornell University and an Academic portal for TC3, TST BOCES and Wells College. This platform can be used for the commute to work or school if drivers have a daily scheduled trip they make and post regularly.


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