Tom Reed Town Hall

Congressman Tom Reed speaks to an attendee of his town hall in Groton on Saturday. 

According to reports from Capital Hill reporters, it appears Rep. Tom Reed (R-NY23) collapsed just prior to a live television hit today in Washington, D.C. He was in the Cannon Rotunda of the House of Representatives, moments from appearing on Fox News. 

Reed's press secretary, Will Reinert, provided an update, saying that Reed was fine after the event. 

"Everything is fine," Reinert wrote in an email. "He is in stable condition and being checked out by medical personnel."

The thread of updates from Spectrum TV News reporter Samantha-Jo Roth is as follows:

Roth reported that Reed was unconscious for about half a minute before waking up. He was attended to by paramedics, who wheeled him out on a gurney, though he was awake and responsive. 

Reed was first elected to Congress in 2010, and has represented New York's 23rd Congressional District since redistricting in 2012. 


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