Vanessa Greenlee, a founder of the Mill Park Concert Series, a Leadership Tompkins alumna, and the communications and training lead for the Breeding Insight program funded by USDA at Cornell University, has announced her candidacy for the Tompkins County Legislature to represent District 8. She is running for the seat that will be vacated by David McKenna; he is not re-running for his position. Randy Brown is also running. The election is scheduled for Nov. 2. 

The eighth district represents the Town of Newfield and a portion of the Town of Enfield. 

“As a resident of Newfield for 8 years, I am privileged to have experienced the beautiful surroundings and natural resources that life in Tompkins County offers. It is time for us to do more so that our rural communities are resilient through times of uncertainty. Broadband expansion is an important step. Access to affordable, clean energy is another. The pandemic offers an opportunity to build back in ways that are different from before and more suited to our current climate reality.” 

“I’ve been listening to the concerns that I hear expressed in our district and across the county, and I believe we need everyday people to step forward and be part of solutions. We have consequential decisions to make about our food systems, energy and consumption, business development, and who gets to participate in our democracy.”

“I am running for County Legislature because we need people at the table who will search for diverse perspectives and seek to understand before making decisions. More often than not, we have interests and goals in common, even if we have contrasting social identities. My campaign is driven by the idea that powerful things can happen when we communicate across difference.”

“Our campaign team seeks broad representation for working together for quality of life in Enfield and Newfield. We are looking for people to share their passion, perspectives and willingness to learn together. Please join us!”

More information is available at www.vanessa4tompkins.org.

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