Special Olympic Games


This year, The Law Enforcement Torch Run, which raises awareness and support for the Special Olympics New York, will pass through Tompkins County on May 15. The torch is making its way around the state leading up to the Special Olympics New York to be held in Dutchess County from June 14-15. Over 30 members of local law enforcement will participate.

Following The Torch Run, there will be a reception for participants at Stewart Park. The Torch Run will conclude the day at Stewart Park with a reception for participants. This is just one of nearly 60 to take place across New York State between April and June. An online schedule of Torch Runs statewide is available.

The Law Enforcement Torch Run is an annual tradition that has gone on for the last 30 years and is orchestrated by the “Guardians of the Flame,” which consists of more than 6,000 law enforcement personnel from 470 agencies throughout New York. This run raises awareness and funds for the athletes who compete in the Special Olympics New York.


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