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Mike Lane will officially remain in office after a tight race for his County Legislature District 14 seat against challenger Tom Corey. Lane ultimately won by eight votes, 873-865. Corey led Lane by 20 votes after election night, but after counting the absentee and affidavit ballots a couple weeks later Lane had taken the lead by two. 

Democratic Commission for the Tompkins County Board of Elections Stephen Dewitt said there were nine absentee or affidavit ballots that were disputed by attorneys for either campaign when the Board of Elections were counting the votes. The attorneys had until the end of Nov. 18 to decide whether or not to pursue court action to uphold their arguments.

Dewitt added that for three of them the attorneys took issue with the dating of the signature, one of the affidavit ballots the Board of Elections was not planning to count but the attorneys disagreed, and the others had perceived flaws in the way the ballots were marked. However, the campaigns ultimately did not seek court action and the ballots were dealt with under the direction of the Board of Elections.

Additionally, because the race was so close, there was an automatic manual recount of the ballots. State law mandates that if a race is separated by 20 or fewer votes, a manual recount is required. This was the first time the Tompkins County Board of Elections ever had to do it.

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