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Tompkins County is hiring a Homeless Service Coordinator to help advance the County’s efforts toward ending unsheltered homelessness in the community. The County is seeking applicants who are interested in this work, have a commitment to serving community members in need, and are collaborative problem solvers. If you’re interested in the role, visit to learn more and apply.

The position has a starting salary of $64,313, which rises to $69,784 after 9 months. The Coordinator will report to the Tompkins County Administrator. 

The Homeless Service Coordinator will be responsible for facilitating homelessness response coordination across County departments and programs, and will help to develop and recommend county-level policies that support community-wide strategies and initiatives to end homelessness. Those who are interested in collaborative and sustainable solutions to address homelessness are encouraged to apply.

Tompkins County has a robust network of organizations working on solutions to address homelessness, the Coordinator will be tasked with collaborating with these organizations and working directly with community members who are unhoused to inform policies and initiatives. 

Tompkins County Administrator Lisa Holmes stated, “This is an opportunity to directly and collaboratively address one of our community’s most pressing challenges. There is so much energy and discussion around how to solve homelessness in Tompkins County, and this position reflects our organization’s investment in seeing potential solutions through to implementation. We know we’re not going to find a one-size-fits-all approach, so we’re going to need to address this problem from all angles, having someone in a role like this is a huge step forward.” Holmes added, “We have such a knowledgeable and compassionate community, I know we’ll find people interested in this work who can deliver results – if you see yourself being successful in a role like this I encourage you to apply today.”

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Nevin Sabet-Swingle

Easy! Hire a retired white lady!!

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