Alcohol And Drug Council

The Alcohol & Drug Council of Tompkins County has announced that they have received a $500,000 for the planning and implementation of a 20-24 bed residential detox/stabilization and rehab center in the county.

The grant comes by way of the Care Compass Network Innovation Fund, based out of Binghamton. The detox program, the statement said, supports a level of flexibility in substance abuse treatment that is currently lacking. Bed assignment and treatment processes will be based on "individualized assessments and an evidence-based plan of care."

Angela Sullivan, the Council's executive director, thanked CCN for the funding and said the money would help the A&DC provide easier access and offer a wider range of the best services for those struggling with addiction. She said they would hope to open the center’s doors in under 12 months.

"We're very pleased to have been awarded this funding from the Care Compass Network that will help enable us to continue our innovative, forward-thinking program development, and much more effectively and compassionately address a public health crises in our community," she said. "This facility will fill a critical healthcare treatment gap and serve as a valuable resource for Tompkins County and beyond."

The money will not cover the entire cost of the project, but Sullivan said it does provide a significant boost to get their funding started. In order to cover the rest of the costs, which will be around $1.5 to $2 million, the Council will seek out private donors and state funding. Sullivan said she is “very optimistic” they would receive the necessary money. They will also be searching for staff members and volunteers down the road as the center becomes clearer.

“In Tompkins County, we currently have a system that is under-resourced with significant local gaps,” she said, noting currently the nearest detox center is quite far away. “We want the program to mold around the person. What is really dangerous and unhelpful is admitting people to a program that doesn’t meet their needs, or admitting them to a program far away. There are gaps.”

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