CDC Community Level COVID-19

Tompkins County Whole Health has issued a press release warning the community of the newly circulating COVID-19 subvariant Omicron XBB.1.5.

The new variant has been described by the World Health Organization as the most contagious subvariant yet and has been nicknamed the “Kraken” — after the mythical tentacle wielding Norwegian sea monster.

Currently, of all COVID-19 cases in the state that have been sequenced, 55% have been XBB.1.5. As a result of increasing spread of the new variant, on January 20 Tompkins County increased its CDC Community Level from low to medium.

This comes just days after the New York State Supreme Court ruled that the State Health Department had no right to enforce the COVID-19 vaccine mandate for health care workers. It remains unclear how this development will impact COVID-19 numbers in the county.

Tompkins County, along with many other areas across the country, has seen an increase in hospitalizations and deaths in the past few weeks, with hospitalization rates marked as being at their highest for this winter season. Hospitalization rates demonstrate the severity of illness caused by this subvariant, particularly among those who are immunocompromised and adults ages 65 and older.

Among those hospitalized for severe illness, those with current COVID-19 boosters report quicker recovery time and are less likely to have severe complications resulting in death. Data now indicates that people who received a COVID-19 booster were more than 18 times less likely to die from COVID-19 and three times less likely to be infected than unvaccinated people.

Currently, only 29% of Tompkins County residents who have received a full series of their primary COVID-19 vaccination have also received a bivalent booster. Moderna and Pfizer boosters for all age groups are more readily available locally. To schedule an appointment for a COVID-19 vaccine, call your primary care provider or schedule with a local pharmacy. You can also use the Vaccine Finder to find a location near you. If you need assistance in scheduling an appointment online, dial 211 to speak with their helpline.

Dr. William Klepack, TCWH Medical Director stated, “It is imperative to stay up to date on vaccination to prevent severe illness, hospitalization and death. COVID-19 boosters are effective at reducing severity of illness from current strains of the COVID-19 virus. Everyone ages 6 months and older should be vaccinated. If you have not yet been vaccinated, now is the time to do so.”

Frank Kruppa, Whole Health Commissioner stated, “We must all continue to do our part to protect ourselves, our families, and our vulnerable community members. Getting vaccinated, staying home when sick and wearing a high-quality mask in public settings are simple steps we can take to help improve our community’s health. While mask-wearing is not mandated at this time, it is advisable as a very effective tool for decreasing spread of respiratory illnesses.”

Kruppa continued, “This is our third winter with COVID-19 and we know that following these steps helps to reduce spread of the disease. We also know that with reduced PCR testing and more testing done at home, the status of disease prevalence is likely to be much higher than what is reported. We urge continued caution and recommend you get vaccinated and stay up to date on your vaccination by getting the updated booster as soon as you are eligible.”

COVID-19 Test Kits and KN95 masks for youth and adults are available at no-charge at locations throughout the county. Call the location nearest you to check the current availability of these resources.

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Nevin Sabet

This is the same red/yellow/green system the city used to categorize different kinds of protest and the legality gradient but you still have Fay on the Commons yelling at people playing instruments. What's up with that? Someone needs to tell her to stop.

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