A Big Pile Of Money
Because of recent changes to the Federal Tax Code very closely tied to the structures of New York State tax law, you might be better off taking advantage of a provision that allows you to pay your local taxes earlier this year.
Under the tax bill that just passed Congress this week, Tompkins County residents will see changes to the way they have been itemizing deductions in their tax bill. Within that bill are newly imposed limits on the amount of local and state taxes you can deduct. This coming year, your state and local taxes will be capped at $10,000 as an itemized deduction. However, if you pay your 2018 state and local taxes before the year ends, then you can deduct them on this year's tax forms.
"New York law and guidance from the NYS Comptroller authorizes a local government to accept pre-payment of property taxes for the subsequent fiscal year, so long as the property tax warrant has been delivered to the local government collecting officer," Stephen Acquario, director of the New York State Association of Counties said in a statement. "This is particularly important for a  tax warrant owing and due for calendar year 2018, as a pre-payment in 2017 of these property taxes could be beneficial to a homeowner.  The changes included as part of federal tax reform, recently passed by Congress, precludes the deduction of payments made in 2018.  The federal bill, awaiting signature of the President, specifically prohibits any pre-payment of income taxes but is silent on pre-payment of property taxes.  Ultimately, it will be up to the IRS to determine if the prepayment of 2018 property taxes are deductible for the 2017 tax year."
While a narrow window of time, you can get your property tax bill by contacting your local tax collector, paying the bill and getting a paid receipt for your tax files. Taxes can be paid with a bank check and all accompanying documents should be submitted no later than Wednesday December 27, 2017
Earlier today, the City of Ithaca put out this notice but, if you are not a city resident, we recommend you reach out to your own municipality: "As requested by some City taxpayers, the City Chamberlain's Office will accept prepayment of 2018 City property taxes starting December 28, 2017.  Payments can be made in person at City Hall, 108 E Green St. or via the payment portal on our homepage at www.cityofithaca.org .  If you choose the online payment option, be sure to call the City Chamberlain's Office at (607) 274-6580 for correct tax amounts.  Note:  if you are opting for prepayment and you have an escrow account, please inform your bank that you are prepaying so duplicate payments are not made."
A list compiled by Ellen Morris-Knower, a Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker at Howard Hanna, is quite a useful resource.
Here are the numbers to call:
City of Ithaca, 108 E Green St, Chamberlain's office, 607.274.6580
Town of Ithaca/Cayuga Heights: 273-1721, 215 N. Tioga St
you can get your bill online at: http://nytaxglance.com/tax/tithaca.php
Town of Danby, 277-4788, 1830 Danby Rd
Town of Dryden, 93 E Main St, 844-8888 option 3
Village of Dryden, 844-8122
Town of Enfield, 272-0529, 182 Enfield Main Rd
you can get your bill online at: nytaxglance.com/tax/tenfield.php
Town/Village of Groton, 898-5035, 101 Conger Blvd
you can get your bill online at: http://nytaxglance.com/tax/tgroton.php
Village of Groton, 898-3966
Town of Lansing, 533-4142, 29 Auburn Rd
Village of Lansing, 257-0424, 2405 N Triphammer Rd
Town of Newfield, 564-9981, 166 Main St
you can get your bill online at: nytaxglance.com/tax/tnewfield.php
Town of Ulyssess, 387-5767 ext 221, 10 Elm St, T'burg
Village of Trumansburg, 387-6501, 56 E Main St, T'bug

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