UPDATE | Tompkins Cortland Community College announced its intention to extend its move to remote instruction for the week of Sept. 8-11 in order on Sept. 6. The college said that it is working with the Tompkins County Health Department to conduct thorough contact tracing after new COVID cases were discovered in the campus community last week. 

SEPT. 3 |Tompkins Cortland Community College announced that it will transition to remote instruction for the remainder of the week on Wednesday, following a spike of four new COVID-19 cases while screening. 

The college said that it was able to locate the new cases after actively screening its on-campus population, and decided to begin remote instruction on Thursday, Sept. 3-4 after consulting with the Tompkins County Health Department. 

TC3 opened this week after identifying only one case on Monday, after initial screenings. The new spike brings the total of TC3 cases to six. 

The college assured the public that individuals who received positive test results have been placed into mandatory quarantine. The health department said that none of the cases are not clearly linked to the positive cases announced over the weekend. 

Of the new positive cases, the college shared that one is a new residential student who has had zero close contact with other students while on campus; the second has not yet been to the campus; and the remaining three are in isolation in their off-campus apartment complex and are following the guidelines of the Tompkins County Health Department.

The college added that the three students did venture onto campus where they "followed all of our COVID-19 safety protocols."

The move to remote instruction is intended to allow the TCHD time to complete ongoing contact tracing, said the college.

Last week New York state decided that any institution recording 100 positive cases within two weeks will be required to move entirely to remote instruction, while students will be allowed to remain on campus. At this time, the TC3 has decided to temporarily close independently and has not been required to go remote by the county, state, or SUNY.

It will still continue to provide childcare services during the remote instruction dates (Sept. 3–4), since the center is housed in a separate building.

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