UPDATE | Construction on Sunrise Road and Hector St. has been rescheduled to begin on Sept. 14 at 8 a.m. and completed by Sept. 14 at 3 p.m.

The City says the construction is expected to impact the eastbound lane of Hector St., which will be closed to traffic with flaggers diverting vehicles around the construction.

The project has been approved to install tee and valves in order to begin work on the new water main project.

AUG 31: The City of Ithaca has announced that a construction set to begin on Sunrise Rd. on Sept. 1 will be extended from the original end date, Sept. 15, until Oct. 15. 

Questions can be directed to the Streets and Facilities Department, (607) 272-1718

AUG 28: Sunrise Rd. will close to all traffic for two weeks between Westfield Drive and Hector Street in order for construction crews to complete site work at the 100 block starting Sept. 1.

Drivers should plan ahead before approaching the area. 

The City announced that the project will close while crews update stormwater infrastructure and repave the road. The work is scheduled to begin Sept. 1 and expected be completed on Sept. 15. 

The City recommends drivers use Hector Street to Hopper Place to Westfield Drive to Sunrise Road and Sunrise Road to Westfield Drive to Hopper Place to Hector Street as detours.

Questions can be directed to the Streets and Facilities Department, (607) 272-1718

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