Triangle Building, Looking North

A slimmed-down version of the State Street Triangle project was slated for discussion at Tuesday's Planning Board meeting, until it wasn't.

When the agenda was released last week, a shortened version of the Campus Advantage project was proposed for just east of the Commons on State Street. The last proposal, at 116 feet high and 11 stories, last made news when Mayor Svante Myrick came out against tax abatements for the project as it stood last October

The new proposal was for a 96-foot building in height, with nine stories a smaller footprint on the ground, and less student-oriented units inside. On Tuesday afternoon, after a newly released agenda without the project was sent out by city staff, a press agent for Campus Advantage said that they were "unable to come to an agreement with the landowner" and referred media to that self-same landowner, Rob Colbert at Trebloc Development Company. 

According to Scott Whitham, who has led much of the effort in Ithaca for Campus Advantage, if the project "makes sense, we'd love to return" with another proposal. 

More on this story as it develops. 

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