After sussing out public opinion on changing the start time for the Lansing schools to allow children to sleep a little later, schools superintendent Chris Pettograsso has announced she wants more information going out to the public before a change is made. “There's still a lot of confusion,” said Pettograsso at the August 12 school board meeting. “We decided to put it on hold until we could communicate more.”

Pettograsso explained, “We were looking to push the pick up time for all students, K through 12, fifteen to twenty minutes later. We did do a presentation at the high school on the school start and end times and why our bus routes go a certain way. People wonder why the bus goes past their house three times...”

School board member Karen McGreevey asked, “Are students on the bus longer because of budget cuts?”

Business administrator Mary June King responded that the bus routes have actually become more efficient since the system started using the TransFinder system; the order of the stops changed, but the overall time students are on the bus did not increase.

“We were able to clear up some (questions) for the people who attended the meeting,” said Pettograsso, “but not for the people who didn't. We want to make sure a majority understand what we're trying to do.”

The district solicited public opinion in a survey, to which about 300 people responded. “The response we had to the survey was that people do believe kids are waking up too early,” she said.

For now, there will be more public events to air the issue, such as the monthly “Soup with the Super” sessions starting in October. People with questions are invited to call the superintendent at the school, or email her.

Information about the current start and end times for the schools is available on the school website. Go to, then under “District” (there's no drop down menu) an alphabetical table will appear. Under “Shared Decision Making” there is information on School Start Times.

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