At the Tuesday, March 14 meeting of the Tioga County Legislature, Chair Martha Sauerbrey read her State of the County address for 2022; followed by the passing of many resolutions and filling appointments for Tioga County.

A resolution was passed extending the ELC Covid enhanced detection grant to the Tioga County Public Health Department.  The funding period has extended to December 31, 2023.  The Public Health Department is also in need of one temporary, full time public health educator.

A grant application was authorized by the Tioga County Mental Hygiene for federal funding for the Drug Free Communities grant.  This grant will be awarded on September 30 through September 29.  The grant is to help with programs to reduce substance abuse among our youth.

The legislature approved funding for the 2023 Youth Bureau Program, which was awarded $15,220 from the Office of Child and Family Services. 

The Office of Emergency Services was awarded a Domestic Terrorism Grant in the amount of $172,413 to help prevent targeted violence and domestic terrorism.  The legislature will appropriate the funds.

A resolution was passed urging Governor Hochul to reconsider the ban of gas stoves and other new fossil fuel heating equipment. 

Authorization was passed to enter into a contract with Catamount Consulting for Audiograms.  Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires annual audiograms and hearing conservation training for county employees.

The legislature authorized salary above hiring base for the deputy sheriff position; and appointed Caleb Scepaniak to fill the position at an annual salary of $61,290. 

Some amendments made to the employee handbook dealing with financial rules and grant procedure, personnel rules/leave time, purchasing and payment policy, and more.  The legislature also approved of some changes to the Fair Housing Plan for Tioga County.

Erin Riddle was appointed secretary to the first assistant County Attorney at an annual salary of $48,310.

The legislature authorized the appointment of Curtis Hammond to fill the vacant 17 hour/week assistant fire coordinator position; part time at an annual salary of $13,260.

Emma Sedore was re-appointed as Tioga County Historian. Sedore was first appointed on March 13, 2001 and has agreed to stay on another two years starting March 31.

Mark Kwiatkowski was reappointed as Director of Soil and Water Conservation District.  Kwiatkowski is the Pamona Grange Representative.

John Hitchings was reappointed to the Board of Ethics.

Joan Case was reappointed to the Tioga County Local Development Corporation (TCLDC).

The legislature authorized the 2023 request for inclusion of lands in the agriculture districts.

A proclamation was passed naming April 3 to 9, 2023 as Public Health Week.

A recognition resolution was passed for Anne Davis, in honor of her 34 years of dedicated service to Tioga County.

Another recognition resolution was also passed for William Ostrander for his 15 years of dedicated service to Tioga County.

The legislature approved the creation and filling of two highway worker (seasonal) positions.

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