On May 18, the voters of Newfield elected four new school board members. Tim Payne and Austin Kuczek were elected to serve on the Newfield Central School District Board of Education for three years, as they received the most votes, with Payne coming out on top.

Jack (Brad) Nelson and Christina Ward received the third and forth-most votes, respectively, and were therefore elected to serve one-year terms. 

The budget vote also passed. Voters authorized the board of education to spend $21,779,140 for the purpose of operating the school district for the 2021-2022 school year and levy the necessary tax thereafter. 

Adoption of the budget requires a tax levy increase of 4%, which exceeds the statutory tax levy increase limit of -3.57% for this school fiscal year and therefore exceeds the state tax cap; this means it had to be approved by 60% of the voters. 

The vote tally for the budget came in at 243 in favor and 82 against the proposed budget. 

Voters also authorized the purchase of two 60-passenger school buses at an estimated maximum cost of $141,000 each, and one 30-passenger school bus at an estimated maximum cost of $68,000, for a total cost of $350,000, less trade-in value, if any. 

A total of 258 residents voted in favor of the bus purchases, and 67 voted against them.

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