Lansing Meadows project developer Eric Goetzmann.

Lansing Meadows project developer Eric Goetzmann.


The Village of Lansing Planning Board has a big decision to make in the coming week as the special permit for the Lansing Meadows project expires at the end of July.

It does not appear that the construction of the housing complex will be finished by the end of the month, according to Chairperson Lisa Schleelein, and the planning board will need to decide whether or not to extend the timeframe of the permit. The board received an update on the project from Code Enforcement Officer Mike Scott at its July 12 meeting.

“I think at this point, I think everybody is pretty good – unless they got questions – that they know [the] whereabouts, what the situation is with each of the buildings and the site, and you’ve heard all the horror stories with the water and what not,” Scott said. “They’re quite a ways off.”

Much of the project’s holdup stems from issues with the site’s water system. Scott said developers Eric Goetzmann and Jim Bold have designed a different water system than the design the village has already approved in order to cut financial costs. The developers have a public and private plan to choose from. The former requires a subdivision and the latter requires a meter to be ordered (typically takes three to six months).

According to the minutes of the June 17 Village Board of Trustees meeting, John Courtney, Superintendent of Public Works, the developers have submitted a “hodgepodge design” that is neither of the two approved plans. At the same meeting, Courtney said Bolton Point had reserved a meter for them three weeks prior before Goetzmann submitted a different plan to the Tompkins County Health Department. He also said the developers have yet to apply for a subdivision.

Scott said he, Goetzmann, Courtney and Mayor Ronny Hardaway met a week before the July 12 meeting to discuss the water system at the site, and that Hardaway “did lay down the law to [Goetzmann],” telling him that he needs to “move ahead with the approved diagram … that both the village and Bolton Point” have provided. Scott also said he received an email from Goetzmann earlier in the day saying that he will be meeting with Bolton Point. 

He mentioned some other issues with the water system like off-site water coming onto the property.

Board member Monica Moll asked if the planning board could arrange a tour of the buildings. Scott said he can ask Goetzmann about setting up a time for a tour. Board member Michael Baker said he would also like to visit the site.

“If he’s open to it, I will not say no to the first interview of how far along they are, especially if we’re going to be the ones making the decision about whether or not ‘A’ to extend the special permit or if we do extend it, if we want to put any additional considerations,” Baker said.

Scott asked if it would be okay if he went over the site and recorded videos of the state of both buildings, to which the board agreed that that was an option that it was comfortable with.

The next planning board meeting is at 7 p.m. on July 27.

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