Myers Park has faced multiple incidents of burglary and vandalism this fall.

Myers Park has faced multiple incidents of burglary and vandalism this fall. 


Parks & Recreation Supervisor Patrick Tyrrell reported to the Lansing Town Council at a meeting Nov. 20 that there was a break-in at the tool garage in Myers Park. 

Tyrrell said this has been the fourth occurrence of a break-in at the park recently where either acts of theft, vandalism or both were committed. In past occurrences, the hut at the entrance of the park was broken into and start-up money and receipts were taken from the register. The hut was also vandalized with garbage thrown everywhere and files opened and tossed.

Tyrrell said there was no vandalism this time, and that the only thing that was stolen was an old reciprocating saw.

“It was the best case scenario,” Tyrrell said. “Luckily, the day before the guys took all the tools out of the shop, so we got really lucky.”

Town Supervisor Edward LaVigne said this is one of multiple issues at the park that need to be addressed.

“There are other things that we’re trying to address down there also,” LaVigne said. “Certain behavior that has become a threat to innocent people down there. Syringes were found. A child actually got poked accidentally by a needle on the beach. So I think this is something that would warrant us moving on this sooner than later.”

Tyrrell requested that the Town Council allocate up to $30,000 to Myers Park as well as the Highway Department to install roughly 18 security cameras as well as to upgrade the wifi technology so that the cameras can reach and cover those areas. The cameras would be set up at a central location at the park and around the Highway Department building.

“Basically the whole area around the Highway Department,” Tyrrell said. “Even in the barn is covered.”

Eleven cameras would be installed at the park and the other seven at the Highway Department building. LaVigne said there have been some worries with the lack of security at the building.

“Now keep in mind we’ve had concerns over at the highway [department],” he said. “So this sounds like factoring in some improved wifi might contribute to it.”

If someone were to steal one of the security cameras, Tyrrell said it would not be an issue because the recordings would be uploaded and saved on a hard drive.

“We could change the time that it’s recorded,” he said. “Right now, I think we’re at 30 days, [which] is what we set for all of them.”

Councilwoman Andra Benson said she was in favor of the allocation.

“I think it’s money well spent,” Benson said. “I really do. I think we have to do it.”

Highway Superintendent Charlie Purcell said this is long overdue.

“I said to Pat that he’s got a reasonable process of what the options we have for people to install this stuff,” Purcell said. “What we’re looking at is going to cure the problem.”

The Town Council voted unanimously to allocate up to $30,000 for the increased security at both locations. The money will be extracted out of the fund balance and placed into the technology fund.


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