Students at Yoga Farm in Lansing.

Students at Yoga Farm in Lansing. 


The School of Radiant Living at Yoga Farm is planning a major expansion that would not only benefit its patrons but also the town as a whole.

The school currently resides at 404 Conlin Rd. in the Town of Lansing, where it offers yoga and meditation courses, couples and individual life coaching sessions, yoga teacher training, among other programs. Christopher Grant, one of the directors at the School of Radiant Living, said the expansion is needed because the organization cannot accommodate all of its programs in its current space, which is a single classroom inside of a renovated barn.

“With many different types of programs, we can’t serve everybody that we want to,” Grant said. “Somebody was here for a one-on-one session. We also do group classes. We like to offer group classes that people can drop in from now whenever they want to. There are programs that meet at the same time every week.”

There are two portions that make up the proposed expansion plan for Radiant Living. The first would be an approximately 2,500-square-foot addition to the barn where the school’s current and only classroom is housed. The addition would be installed onto the front of the building, and would include three new bathrooms, an expanded lobby, a retail space, a kitchen and dining area, a library and lounge area and another classroom on the first floor, and four new office spaces on the second floor.

The second part would be for a new 576-square-foot meditation studio that would be built behind the barn and hold up to 20 people. If the plan is approved, the construction of both portions of the project would take nine months in total and cost $515,000 overall. The studio will also be used as the main classroom while the additions to the barn are being constructed.

Because Radiant Living is a nonprofit organization, Grant said the school is applying for grants in order to fund the costs of the construction.

“As a nonprofit, we are seeking all the right funding sources for the expansion that we see,” he said. “Meanwhile, the operations that we do now—the classes and the courses and the private [sessions]—cover our overhead, cover salaries and so on. The expansion itself is coming from people whose lives have been transformed through this work, people who have benefited from it, are giving back to help us raise the money.”

Grant said once this project is complete the current main building, plus the additions, will become a retreat center.

“People will be able to come and stay. We will be able to rent space out to other groups that are looking to serve their population,” he said. “With the full center at play, someone could do their own weekend, or their own week-long retreat, and we would move our programs into other spaces, depending on the relative number of people in each group.”

Down the road, Radiant Living is planning for another project that would include meditation cabins for additional classroom and housing space.

“People can maybe do a solitary retreat or come stay attend weekend workshops, things like that,” Daniela Hess, who is another director at the school, said.

Grant said the proposed plan, if approved, would bring a major stream of revenue for the town.

“People are going to be coming in from all over,” he said. “The Finger Lakes region is within a day’s drive of a substantial population of the United States. Something like two thirds of the entire population of the United States can get here in a day’s drive. We’re mostly concentrated in the east coast, in particular the northeast, between Washington, Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Buffalo, Toronto…we’re right in between a huge number of people. We will be able to bring thousands of people a year up here, who are going to be exploring the Finger Lakes, who are going to wineries, who are going to restaurants, who are going to be shopping in gift shops for things to take home.”

Grant said the current site plan, along with the future plan of building the meditation cabins, would all be completed in a three-to-five-year span. Interested folks can learn more about and comment on the organization’s current site plan at a public hearing at 6:30 p.m. on Oct. 28 at the Lansing Town Hall.


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