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Doug and Kyle Dake with their framed copies of the school board resolution honoring the two of them and grandfather, Robert Dake, who founded the Lansing wrestling program.

A longtime Lansing resident whose mother is also from the town, Doug Dake is running for a second term on the Lansing Town Board. Dake, a former Lansing High School wrestling coach whose sons both made names for themselves in the sport, is running on the Republican and Independent lines on the ballot for one of two seats.

Dake replied to questions for the Lansing Ledger and its sister papers via email.

What made you decide to run for this position? Be specific.

I’ve enjoyed serving the Lansing residents during my first term, and I would be honored to continue serving our Town. My father always said “Leave things better than you found them.”

What is your connection with the municipality you are running for? What are your local ties? How are you involved in the community?

My mom graduated from Lansing in 1960, my father grew up in Ithaca (Class of 1953). He also was a social studies teacher, coached football, and wrestling at Lansing in the 60s.

I’ve lived in Lansing for 37 years. I went to Lansing Schools through third grade, and moved back here from Kent, Ohio in the fall of 1988, along with my wife Jodi.

The next three years I split time at Cornell and Ithaca College working (coaching) with wrestlers for both teams., all while working construction

From 1992-1996, I assisted John Kotmel with the Lansing wrestling team, and in the fall of 1996, I took over the Lansing wrestling team as head coach, and subsequently retired in 2012, after my son Corey graduated from Lansing. This allowed me to follow son Kyle around the country for his senior season wrestling for Cornell.

My business partner Doug Boles and I started our own Construction Company, D Squared Construction. Thankfully we are in our 20th year.

What type of qualities, characteristics or skills do you have that you think make you fit for this position?

As an incumbent, I feel that my experience in the process of government makes me well suited to continue serving the Lansing community. I also feel that my common sense, business sense and balanced approach to issues serves our town well.

What are some ideas you have that you think will help improve the municipality? How will you accomplish these when in office? Is there anything you’ve heard from constituents that they want done and how will you get them done?

Steady, responsible development to build the tax base. I truly believe that this not only helps our town tax rate, but more importantly the school tax rate.

Think about the last year of work by the town board. What’s one thing that the board has done (a specific item or a big-picture item) you support and want to continue and if applicable what’s one thing that happened that you wished were done differently, and how would you have instead done it?

Our current board works extremely well together. For instance, when the residents of Myers Road were concerned about the traffic speed and lack of walking space on the sides of the road. We basically approved, and got the project done.

I’d like to think that we listen to all our residents’ concerns

Keeping taxes as low as possible, we’ve held our town taxes at pretty much the same rate for the last three years.

I’d like to make two points here;

1. I’m extremely proud that we established our Reserve Fund Policies for the Highway and Recreation Departments, as well as Buildings and grounds, Technology, and Trailways. This past year we replaced the roof and purchased and installed a new computer server at the town hall.

2. Every 2 years the town seats a new town board. I can confidently say that the new board seated 1/1/18, will have the benefit of this board’s conservative fiscal practices. We have a six-month fund balance in case of emergency. I’ve already referred to the reserve fund policies. In Closing, “We Are Doing More with Less” !

This article ran in the Nov. 1 issue of the Lansing Ledger.


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