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After 32 years, the Ithaca-based Vitamin L Project is coming to a close as an active organization. Vitamin L was founded in 1989 by singer/songwriter Jan Nigro and director Janice Nigro, and became a project of the Center for Transformative Action (CTA) in 2003. Its purpose has been to spread love and goodwill, and to encourage positive character development through music, by inspiring young people with positive messages that are meaningful in their daily lives. Vitamin L endeavored to reach and positively influence as many children as possible through their concerts, recordings and videos of character-building songs.

Jan Nigro and the Vitamin L chorus performed 1,195 concerts at elementary schools, festivals, community events, and conferences, reaching approximately 369,000 children and adults in central New York and beyond. Vitamin L’s meaningful messages have touched the hearts of countless more children around the world through Vitamin L’s five nationally released, award-winning recordings and through their music videos. Around 400 area youth, ages 10 – 20, sang with in the Vitamin L chorus, many participating for seven years, through middle school and high school.

With the current pandemic, in-school concerts and maintaining an active, trained chorus is just not viable. Vitamin L switched, instead, to music video production to get their messages out, and completed 15 new videos that will continue to be available on their Youtube channel, Vitamin L songs will also continue to be available on Spotify, iTunes and Songs for Teaching.

Founders Jan and Janice Nigro give thanks to the Center for Transformative Action, as well as all the advisory board members, singers and volunteers who have worked with Vitamin L. They give special thanks to all of their generous individual supporters, as well as several foundations, including The Park Foundation, The Triad Foundation, and The John Ben Snow Memorial Trust.

Vitamin L offers a heartfelt “thank you and goodbye” via its final music video, “I Want to Say Thanks,” available to view here. 

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