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UPDATE: In the aftermath of the agreement, both sides have now issued their reactions. The school released a statement announcing the agreement, devoid of specifics but emphasizing its happiness at avoiding a strike. 

"We would like to thank the union bargaining committee for working so diligently with us to resolve the remaining contract issues, arrive at an agreement, and avert a strike. We are deeply grateful for the commitment to come to an agreement during this session."

The union, on the other hand, published a fairly comprehensive statement listing certain points of the deal and striking a much more victorious tone than the college. 

"Today at negotiations we won everything:  a significant pay increase for PT faculty, more stable appointments for FT contingent faculty, and maintaining our voice as one union for both part-time and full-time contingent faculty.  We are very pleased to announce that on the eve of our strike, the administration met all our demands. We have tentatively agreed to a collective bargaining agreement that we are extremely proud of."

The below listed points were laid out by the union in an Intercom statement. Certain aspects still aren't fully clear, such as exactly what percent raise the faculty ended up receiving (including the immediate raise), but this and the rest of the statement shed some light on the resulting contract. 

  • An established path towards pay parity for PT faculty.  PT faculty will receive immediate raises, as well as immediate and annual raises totaling $1,025/3 credit course over the life of our contract.  We believe that because of our hard work, and the support of our allies, the administration is committed to the concept of pay parity going forward. 
  • More stability for FT contingent faculty.  FT contingent faculty will be eligible for two-year appointments after 3 years of teaching at IC and three-year appointments after 5 years of teaching at IC.
  • More stability for PT contingent faculty.  PT contingent faculty will be eligible for two-year appointments after 3 years of teaching at IC.  In addition, if classes are cut last minute, PT contingent faculty will receive a $1,300 kill fee per class canceled.
  • Part-time and full-time contingent faculty have won the right to be recognized as one union.

Original Story: Ending over a year of negotiations, Ithaca College's administration and the contingent faculty union have reached an agreement on a new contract. 

Terms of the contract have not yet been released. The announcement comes just over a day before the planned two-day contingent faculty strike, which has now been canceled. Sunday's bargaining session was the final scheduled negotiation before the strike, and lasted just under 11 hours. 

As previously mentioned, the terms of the deal are unclear, though the school had detailed its initial proposal going into Sunday's discussions to the union in an Intercom post. The union had subsequently responded to the offer, laying out what they intended to fight for during Sunday's talks, which included:

  • higher pay for part-time faculty
  • a more immediate cost-of-living wage increase for full-time contingent faculty
  • an answer for the school's decision to not renew the contracts of most of the full-time faculty bargaining committee, for which the school is currently being challenged by the National Labor Relations Board
  • longer appointments for full-time contingent faculty with certain levels of seniority (the school had proposed two years, the union planned to counter with three)

Though a statement has not yet been released, the union celebrated on Twitter directly after the negotiations ended. They claimed victory on pay parity, probably the most consequential of the remaining issues, as well as the other remaining obstacles. 

This is a developing story and will be updated as more details become available. 

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