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Update: One of the drivers involved in a two-car accident on Triphammer Road, Lori G. Burns, age 64 of Cortland County, was found dead at the scene. Deputies from the Tompkins County Sheriff's Office determined that Burns was traveling south on Triphammer Road when she swerved into the northbound lane for an unknown reason. Her vehicle struck a Dodge Ram, travelling north, head on. The driver of the Dodge was transported to a local hospital for non-life threatening injuries. While an investigation is ongoing, no further information is available at this time. 

Original Story: Lansing Fire and Rescue, Bangs Ambulance and deputies from the Tompkins County Sheriff's Office have responded to a head-on two-car motor vehicle accident that occurred on Triphammer Road near Horizon Drive.

Upon arriving on the scene, police found one person unresponsive, according to the police scanner.

The vehicle’s other occupant was conscious and able to walk around without issue. Deputies from the Tompkins County Sheriff’s Office were called to the scene to help direct traffic around the accident. Currently, deputies from the sheriff's office have closed Triphammer Road between Horizon Drive and Cherry Road.

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Daniel Ithaca

two-car motor vehicle *crash*.

I encourage staff writers/editor to check out crashnotaccident (com)

"Traffic crashes are fixable problems, caused by dangerous streets and unsafe drivers. They are not accidents. Let’s stop using the word "accident" today."

Use of the term "accident" minimizes responsibility of the drivers for their actions BEFORE anything is even known about the crash. The moment it takes place, we know it was a crash, use of the word "accident" is a biased car-centric term that many media outlets have already phased out. Whether a freak act of nature and the drivers are 0% at fault, there is 100% blame on a driver or anywhere in between, the unbiased term to use is: "crash".

David Wade

So you say the crash was intentional and not accidental?

Dwight Mengel

Collision works. That is the professional term in the safety industry.

Kellen Calale

No it was not intentional! My aunt, Lori Burns we believe had a massive coronary event while driving which cases her to collide with the other vehicle!

Elisabeth Hegarty

Very sorry your aunt died, Ms. Calale. What a tragedy. My condolences to your family.

Fred Balfour

I’m not seeing any date/time information in either the basic story or the update. Seems that the set of basic news story facts are incomplete: Who, What, Why, When and Where.

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