Tompkins County Health Department

The Tompkins County Sheriff's Office will be the primary law enforcement agency responsible for monitoring large public gatherings during the pandemic, according to Tompkins County officials. 

The role will play an increasingly important role over the next several months as local colleges, particularly Cornell University, try to pull off having students on campus despite the coronavirus outbreak. Cornell has insisted it will be especially vigilant of parties and other gatherings that would likely be violating statewide mandates concerning masks, social distancing and number of people at the gatherings. 

Authorities said their first course of action when reporting to a gathering that is violating those rules would be to use education. If violations continue, unspecified fines could be implemented. If those running the gathering are college students, their schools will be notified. 

The county said such gatherings can be reported at (607) 273-8000. 

“Our primary goals are to encourage positive behavior, and to provide education when we can," Sheriff Derek Osborne said. "We know that wearing a mask, reducing gathering sizes, and keeping six feet of distance can help stop the spread, and hope that everyone continues to take their responsibility to do so seriously.”

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Michael Bryant

Where's the "outbreak?"

Why are you perpetuating this myth?

New Zealand just went into hyper-lockdown over what the shrill media is calling an 'outbreak"- how many "died from Covid" in that "outbreak?" I'm guessing few even take the time to look it up.

Lockdown in Victoria (Melbourne) Australia- also due to "outbreak." How many "died from Covid" there? That one was due to 7 deaths- three of those deaths were 70+ in age, 2 were 80+, one was 90+ and the other was a 100. Combined ages EXCEEDED lifespan of Aussie citizen, which BTW is the case THROUGHOUT the world with "Covid deaths."

Everyone likes to talk about data and science. How come there is so little of it being reported and instead we get constant fear mongering.

There is no outbreak in Tompkins County nor has there ever been. Please stop with the panic inducing reporting and start digging into the data.

Dwight Mengel

I appreciate the efforts of the Sheriff to respond rationally to likely large gatherings of young people. Education is important. Science is good. Delusion is not useful.

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