The Ithaca City School District Board of Education will have one new member going forward, as Erin Croyle will join the board after placing third out of four candidates in Tuesday's elections. 

Croyle beat out Bradley Grainger, a 12 year member of the board, and came just 15 votes short of beating out Rob Ainslie, the board of education's president. The leading overall vote-getter was Eldred Harris, another incumbent candidate. Croyle had received the endorsement of the Ithaca Teachers Association. 

  • Eldred Harris........1,897 votes received
  • Rob Ainslie..........1,581 votes received
  • Erin Croyle..........1,566 votes received
  • Bradley Grainger..........1,503 votes received

The district's spending requests were all easily approved as well. 

Proposed 2019-2020 Annual District Budget

Yes: 2,383  No: 584

Appropriation and Expenditure of Capital Reserve Funds

Yes: 2,530  No: 447

Capital Improvement Bond Resolution

Yes: 2,393  No:554


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(1) comment

Richard Ballantyne

Wow. This is such a waste of public money. Our school taxes are so outrageously high, and now they're going even higher. There is a huge conflict of interest; the school budget polling places are always located on the school grounds! This makes it super convenient for all the school staff to vote to enrich themselves at the taxpayer's expense. Yes, school staff pay taxes but the value of the benefits that they can vote to receive exceeds the cost that they individually pay in taxes.

This vast sum of money for the 2019 Capital Project -- 120 million dollars -- borrowed at interest which the taxpayers will have to pay back over 10 years is an excessive amount for what ICSD claim it will ALL be spent on. See this:

Hardening the entrance to Northeast is rather pointless because it has easily penetrable exterior walls made of shattereable glass. What... A... Waste! Want to keep our kids safer? Hire a police officer to patrol near the school. Train and arm some teachers/staff with pepper gel, tazer, etc.

We should be addressing the root causes of the problems with violence/hatred in schools;
1) Kids being raised in fatherless homes.
2) Normalization of violence by Hollywood and 1st person shooter video games which desensitizes kids to violence.
3) Actively teaching kids in our very schools that they're victims, that they need to be oversensitive and intolerant, that everything is racist/sexist, and that they are entitled and need to be angry whenever they don't get what they "deserve".
4) Increased use of prescription psychotropic and anti psychotic drugs by youth.

Pathetic! The day I can get out of New York and move to the West is going to be the happiest day of my life...