An OurBus picks up passengers recently on Green Street. 

Regional bus trip service OurBus will be starting its own trips between New York City and various upstate stops starting next week, the company announced in an email to customers on Wednesday. 

The trips, currently proposed for nightly runs, would start in Niagara Falls and end in midtown Manhattan, making Buffalo, Rochester, Binghamton and Ithaca. The service from Manhattan to Niagara Falls would make stops at the same locations, and include two buses running routes simultaneously, going either direction. 

Buses would depart from Manhattan at 11 p.m. nightly and arrive in Niagara Falls by 7 a.m. Meanwhile, buses would leave from Niagara Falls at 12:15 a.m. nightly and arrive in Manhattan by 9 a.m. For Ithaca travelers, service from Manhattan would arrive around 3:05 a.m., while service from Niagara Falls and heading toward the city would get to Ithaca at 4:00 a.m.

According to the company, the move was made in reaction to positive feedback on a survey gauging the potential new service recently. 

"After gathering your feedback, starting next week, we're excited to launch a daily overnight / early morning service between popular upstate NY destinations and NYC," the announcement read. 

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