Cornell Police Investigation

Cornell Police are investigating a serious assault on Lake Street. 

Ithaca was rocked last month when reports began to trickle out the morning of July 17 that the large police presence near Gun Hill was responding to a stabbing and that the victim was dead. 

But even after a month, police have said almost nothing publicly about the case after the immediate aftermath. The last public statement on the case came on July 19, when IPD issued a press release to announce that police had obtained a felony arrest warrant for Denzil Dexter Cummings in connection with the case. 

"It is still an active investigation, however there are no significant developments to release," IPD Public Information Officer Jamie Williamson said in response to a request for more information on Tuesday. "We continue to work with local, state, and federal officials to locate the suspect and bring him to justice."

Killings are exceedingly rare in the area, so the seriousness of the crime came as a particular surprise. Police from the City of Ithaca and Cornell University both issued alerts to the public when the incident occurred to stay away from Auden Ithaca, where the stabbing had taken place. They then started releasing steady but limited updates on the case, starting with identifying the victim and the suspect, Kennan Orson Michael Paul and Cummings, respectively. Paul was declared dead at Cayuga Medical Center after the incident. 

According to reports, Cummings and Paul were cousins and the stabbing took place after a personal confrontation, so the incident was deemed isolated even though police told area residents that Cummings should be considered armed and dangerous. 

Early reports stated that Cummings had been spotted in Lansing the night after the stabbing, though police later denied those reports. That was the last public rumor of a Cummings sighting. 

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