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ITHACA, NY -- On Oct. 18 at 5:47 p.m., Ithaca police responded to the Washington Park area after several 911 calls reporting a shooting in action. Officers en route learned that a dark color BMW was being chased by a light color pick-up truck with either a cap or toolbox affixed to the truck bed. The occupants of both vehicles were exchanging gunfire as they drove west through the city, proceeding onto Hector Street where the pick-up truck crashed into the BMW.

The pick-up then reportedly fled from the area via Fallview Terrace. Police said it was also reported that the occupants of the BMW fled westbound on Hector Street on foot after the crash. Evidence of the shooting was located at the scene of the crash on Hector Street and also on West State Street and West Seneca Street, according to police. There are currently no known injuries resulting from this shooting.

It is believed that many motorists and pedestrians likely witnessed parts of this incident. If you believe you witnessed any part of this incident or have information to assist in this investigation which may have not been reported or recorded due to high call volume, contact IPD.

At 10:25 p.m. police were called again, this time to the area of Hancock and First streets after several 911 calls reported multiple gunshots. At the scene officers found numerous spent shell casings in the intersection, plus bullet fragments and broken glass. According to police, the vehicles in the immediate area didn’t appear to be damaged, so they believe an involved vehicle left the scene with window damage.

It’s currently unknown if the two shootings are related, but IPD is looking into the possibility.

If anyone in either area has surveillance cameras, IPD asks you to check them and contact them if there is any helpful footage.

Contact with the Ithaca Police Department can be made by any of the following means and those who wish to remain anonymous may do so.

Police Dispatch: (607)272-3245

Police Administration: (607)272-9973

Police Tipline: (607)330-0000


Anonymous Tip Submission:

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