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ITHACA, NY -- Ithaca Police have arrested an individual under the age of 18 for sex crimes committed against two victims less than 11 years old. The assaults spanned the period of March 2021 through June 26. The minor was charged in Tompkins County Family Court with two counts of sex abuse in the first degree subsection three, and one count of a criminal sex act subsection three. Proceedings will move forward in Family Court and no other details will be released due to the age of the defendant and victims. 

IPD was assisted by the Advocacy Center, Tompkins County Child Protective Services and the Tompkins County Attorney’s Office. Police want to remind community members and mandated reporters to remain vigilant in looking out for signs of child abuse and/or neglect. Police say the investigation was initiated by a concerned youth counselor.

Victims/survivors of sexual abuse can contact the Advocacy Center at (607) 277-5000  for assistance and additional resources.


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